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Friday, November 9, 2012

09112012~ Friday

Its Friday!! Wheeeee....As you all know everyone's favourite day is today!! Friday!! TGIF!!
Well, today is also the best day of my life, like ever and ever!! Its the last day of school and gonna miss all my friends in school....leaving good memories and saying goodbye's to my form 2 seniors as next year they are going to the morning session..Leaving good comments of each other like one of my best seniors, She gave us each of us these......
She is the best senior that I have ever met before.....She is Yi Wei...Gonna miss her very much during the holidays...=(

But other than that, another 2 more days till my birthday!! Wohoo....and not forgetting my beloved friend, Xin Mei, knitted me a heart <3 How sweet of her to do that.....

I think that's all for now....goodnight readers!! Have a wonderful weekend ahead!! Remember to leave a comment below!! =)

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  1. I really happy because got a best junior like u~^^~