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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life of a Dancer...

So how's everyone been? Hadn't been blogging for quite a while...
Ever wonder what ballerinas do?
Well, it's a random post today..
Since I am a dancer, so yeah...
Being a dancer isn't easy,
You're never alone on stage, the audience is always with you,
Competitors are too...
Being a ballerina isn't simple as ABC,
We remember all sorts of things, 
-belly in
-straight legs
-point as sharp as a needle 
- and the list goes on and on

Well, not gonna write up so much on these stuff, you'll eventually fall asleep, so yeah there are pictures I want to share with you guys..

On le pointe~



Spiral ( G6 Free Movement)

Splits again~

Another Splits

These are just part of the shoes I have, there are more...

Girl behind the scarf~

Reaching out for the stars...
 Thanks for being supportive, and keep on following the blogs, 
more post are going to be posted..
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Friday, March 7, 2014

Throwback 2013

Hey guys!! Sorry for not updating for so long..its been long since I uploaded..well its been a great year 2013 came to an end and its already March 2014!! 
So, I decided to upload some of my memorable pictures in 2013...( Its abit messy cause i can't change the arrangements)

Palm Sunday 2013

Palm Sunday 2013

Men In Tutu's Penang 2013
IAG December Senior Camp 2013
IAG December Senior Camp 2013
IAG December Senior Camp 2013
IAG December Senior Camp 2013
IAG December Senior Camp 2013

UCO Chinese Orchestra Concert 2013
IAG December Senior Camp 2013
IAG December Senior Camp 2013
UCO Chinese Orchestra Concert 2013
 Hope you guys like this, Continue to Stay tuned to my upcomming Posts!! Focus on Your Outcome!!!

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Thanks Guys!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Heys, So sorry for not blogging these day as I have too many things to do everyday so, Sorry....=(
I told you I have been to Taiwan in December last holiday right?? Anyways, there are some pictures that I always wanted to share with you guys so....

Waiting for the LRT to come and knock me down....>.<

Beautiful flowers

The yummiest food in town!!


Me flocking the sun!!

The cutest ticket ever!!

*Bite People Bread* Not bad...very tasty

A look of the bread

My room number...


 I guess thats all for the Taiwan trip, well, it was quite a fun one! 
I hope that i could go there again!! I want to live there!! Its damn awesome there man!!

Well, Its been stressful for me now but I really hope that I could win the Scholastic Writters Award!! I must DWIT!! 
Thats all for now..i will post when i am free...goodnight Readers...<3

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Heys!!! So sorry for not posting any posts for a loooooooooong  time already...

But anyways..Its 4 more days till Christmas!! Wohooo!! The Festive time that I love love love the most!! I get to spend time with my families!! Well, the day before yesterday and Yesterday I went Carolling with the Risen Christ Church Carolers!! We went for 14 houses!! Yes I mean Fourteen!! Unavailable right?
I got photos to share with you all!!! There are all the Shots of me and my fellow friends....ahhhh....

 Well, I am gonna miss Christmas in Malaysia...I am going off for a holiday this weekend...oh well...That's all for now...Stay tuned for more posts....till then Bye..=) 
Stay Focus on Your OUTCOME!!


Saturday, November 17, 2012


It's Saturday!! Its Party Rocking time!!
Well, everything has been going fine...well its been a week since i wrote this blog...alot of stuff has been going on and I am like very busy so I dont have the time to write daily, So i am really sorry for not writting daily...but I reached my target, finally!! 
Its my knitting!! My favourite thing that I spend time the most on!!
Well back in August 2012, the Hari Raya LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG LoNG Holidays,
I decided to continue my hobby!! To knit a scarf and I would like to present you my Scarf!! 

My scarf......( Brown and light brown...its just a mixture to spice it up)

Well after finishing my lovely scarf, I decided to grab something from Daiso...The RM5 Shop...which sells 90% of RM5 stuff....I bought a DIY little pouch where they sell everything including the cloth and blah blah blah and I did it in just 1 day.....

Well then, I decided to go back to the craft shop and buy myself wools and make myself a sweater.....and its in progress.....

Wish me luck....Well that's all for now...Goodnight readers!! =)

Friday, November 9, 2012

09112012~ Friday

Its Friday!! Wheeeee....As you all know everyone's favourite day is today!! Friday!! TGIF!!
Well, today is also the best day of my life, like ever and ever!! Its the last day of school and gonna miss all my friends in school....leaving good memories and saying goodbye's to my form 2 seniors as next year they are going to the morning session..Leaving good comments of each other like one of my best seniors, She gave us each of us these......
She is the best senior that I have ever met before.....She is Yi Wei...Gonna miss her very much during the holidays...=(

But other than that, another 2 more days till my birthday!! Wohoo....and not forgetting my beloved friend, Xin Mei, knitted me a heart <3 How sweet of her to do that.....

I think that's all for now....goodnight readers!! Have a wonderful weekend ahead!! Remember to leave a comment below!! =)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Natalie's Dairy 16092012

It's Malaysia Day!!
Happy Mayalysia Day, Malaysia!!
T'was an awesome day for me! So twist and it goes well,
Went to church this morning, Rev.Fr Miccal Sinnapan is out to China and the other priest took over just for this week,
Omgosh, his serments were great, and towards d end, we didn't know that we sopoussed to sing the national anthem a.k.a it was something that popped out of our mind....
Well, I had lots of rest and went for ballet assisting for pri-primary class and baby ballet, cute students and Really? It truly helped me to distress,
Do you even know that even I so young, got stress already? But nvm ....
Well, after that I went to Hairstory to get my hair straightened...
Man doing this needs 3 hours to finish up a great master piece and it's not cheap.....
And i went back home to rest....I think that's all, at last, a daily quote for all of you
"no matter what happends to me nor you, pray to GOD and he will guide you along the way"
-Natalie Chin

Goodnight reader's!! =)